Famous Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth loves to dance in his living room at the “Frozen” soundtrack.

Chris, who is our super hero Thor in the “Marvel film series”. But in normal life, Chris is a very soft hearted person, especially as he has  great love for his three children. Chris’s eldest daughter is India Rose, who loves watching Disney movies. Chris said that he always enjoys dancing with his daughter at the songs of Frozen.

“(The last time was) in the living room,I just got caught up in the moment, that might have (actually) even been on my own, but I think she was in there,” he told People magazine.

Normally the little girls all over the world are attracted towards the characters like Anna and Elsa of Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel. But according to Chris, his daughter India Rose is interested in other kind of movies. She loves the warrior kind of movies. She is attracted towards the songs and movies for the obvious reasons.