Channing Tatum had a fight with actor Alex Pettyfer on the sets of male stripper movie “Magic Mike”, due to Brit’s weird behavior.

The 25 years old star worked in the movie in 2012, but didn’t accept the role in its sequel “Magic Mike XXL” which hits the screen in 2015. In a podcast chat with writer Bret Easton Bills, Pettyfer said that actor Channing will never accept the film in which he is already cast because Channing doesn’t like him at all. Prettyfer further said that he was unable to present himself correctly on the film set that’s why Channing would be avoiding working with him in future projects.

“I was scared to speak, I actually did my work and I sat in the corner and listened to music because I had been told anything I did was wrong by my reps. I was very insecure as a human being. That also gave me a bad rep because everyone was like, ‘Alex doesn’t speak because he thinks he’s better than everyone else.’ That’s not true. I was just generally nervous and scared to be myself. I was in character,” he recalled.
Alex made the things worse by not paying the rent of his apartment which was leased from one of Channing’s close friends. After that, a couple of hate emails were exchanged between the two actors. However, Pettyfer always regrets on his part in the drama.