Cate Blanchett has the same “instinctive” directive approach when it comes to choosing film roles as she did when deciding to marry her husband. The Oscar-winning actress wedded Andrew Upton in December 1997 and they have four children together. Pretty much as soon as they met Cate knew she wanted to build a life with her spouse, and she trusts on this same feeling when she’s offered a role  in a film, and if she wants to do it or not.

It’s something very visceral with me,” she told Britain’s Hello! magazine. She said when she plays a character, she needs to make it hers. The process terrifies her but it’s the only way she knows she can do it well. It was the same, just like when she met her husband. They had known each other three weeks when he asked her to marry him. And she said yes because she knew it was the right thing and 18 years later they are still together.”