Proper care for your jewelry will ensure lasting beauty of your prized pieces despite natural tarnishing over time. Even your family heirlooms from many generations past can look good as new and fight tarnishing with enough care. Tarnish can be caused by many factors such as makeup, perfume, moisture and even the air. Read on to make sure you are caring for your pieces in the best way to avoid tarnish. Do you have 14K Gold-filled and Rose Gold-filled pieces? Be sure to shine up your jewelry with polishing cloths. Avoid use of any chemical cleaners as they can remove the darkening in your lettering. For those with Pewter jewelry, these pieces age beautifully with a darkened patina. But if you want to keep them shiny and bright to keep them looking new, you may opt to wipe them with special polish pads. You can get them here. These same polish pads also work very well with pieces made of Brass and NuGold. Make sure to clean them especially when you start to notice any color changes on your skin. This discoloration is because of the tarnishing creates a chemical reaction already. Sterling steel, stainless steel, and aluminum pieces are not only hypoallergenic but tarnish resistant. This makes it perfect jewelry for kids or for those who want pieces that are more low maintenance.

        Wearing and storing your jewelry is also as important as cleaning your pieces. It’s best to remember that your jewelry should be the first thing you take off before bed at night and the last thing you put on before leaving the house in the morning. Did you know that your body naturally polishes and prevents tarnishing? Make sure you wear your jewelry regularly. Finally, always wipe your piece clean before storing it in an airtight bag.