Bryan Cranston is a very famous Hollywood actor, who always wondered why his father left his family when he was only 11 years old. Bryan who got most of his fame from the serial Breaking Bad, reconciled with his father in his later life, but his father never told him the reason about leaving them alone.

Bryan once said in an interview with the Playboy magazine that his father might have drugs related problem, when he left them alone. As his father was a failed actor which lead him to become a drug addict.

“We tried to talk about the past, about why he disappeared, but he wasn’t interested in talking about it,” Cranston explains. Bryan belongs to a generation which believes in forgetting the bad past and continues to live in the present.

Bryan and his brother tried their best to know the truth behind, but always failed in it. Bryan’s father died in 2014 and kept his secret of abandoning his family with himself. In final days of his life it was noticed that he regretted his actions.