Celebrities all over the world check their body fitness and health. The Bollywood stars have their best formulated diets. You can also follow these diets to boost your health and fitness regime. Do you always wonder what celebrities do eat each morning when they wake up?


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Shilpa Shetty Kundra takes protein shake, 8 black resins and dates for breakfast. To improve her body immunity she always has a bowl of porridge in the morning plus tea with brown sugar.



Shraddha Kapoor watches her weight; takes healthy foods with high fiber and proteins.  She takes Dalia, brown poha, dal paratha and thepla for breakfast.



Salman Khan takes 4 egg white, bread and butter, a glass of milk and mix vegetables for breakfast. He consumes up to 3000 calories each day and burns this during regular fitness classes.


Priyanka Chopra has a simple balanced diet. She takes glass of skimmed milk, oatmeal, and 2 egg whites for breakfast.  To stay energized she takes something every 2 hours.



Deepika Padukone has an athletic body. She plays badminton and was also modeling. She takes 2 egg white and a glass of milk for breakfast.



Hrithik Roshan eats food to improve his body physique. For breakfast he takes protein shake,  egg whites, plate of fruits and brown bread.



John Abraham takes 6 egg whites, butter toast, 10 almonds and a glass of fresh fruit juice for breakfast. Besides from this his diet plan consist of oatmeal and fish.


Katrina Kaif takes 2 egg whites, oatmeal, cereals and pomegranate juice for breakfast. She likes to take her food in right quantities.


Tiger Shroffs a footballer; performs gymnastics. He is a non vegetarian who eats oatmeal and 8 egg white for breakfast. His diet is full of lentils, proteins and grains.



Malaika Arora takes a balanced diet each day. she has multigrain toast, 2 egg white, poha and a bowl of fruits for breakfast.


Alia Bhatt takes 1 egg white, a cup of coffee and vegetable sandwich for breakfast. She likes papaya as a mid morning snack.



Ashkay Kumar takes a heavy breakfast that consist of desi ghee parantha and 1 glass of milk.


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