Actor Benedict Cumberbatch is scared because of the creepy messages he gets through his fans. The Sherlock Holmes star lives with wife Sophie and son Christopher in England. There have been uninvited and nameless visits to his place, and there have been red ribbons found near his window and on his car after these susceptible visits, which made him fear, there is something which is not right and he needs to involve law enforcement in it.

The actor feared before everything goes out of hand and he ends up as Eggs Benedict by a creepy stalker, the need to alert law enforcement was a necessary step. Benedict is used to people stalking him and he goes smoothly about it. But this individual has taken things to the next level and there was no option but to pursue official action. Turning up at professional events is one thing, but arriving uninvited at the family home is quite another. He says : “It might be that she thinks it’s harmless, but it does feel a bit sinister. Leaving red ribbons is obviously a bit of a game, but it does feel quite dark.”