The famous Hollywood celebrity Anjelica Huston makes a funny comment on actor Raul Julia, when his eyeball suddenly fell out at the sets of “The Addams Family”. It was a serious, frightening medical issue which Raul faced at that time.

The famous Puerto Rican star played the role of husband and wife team of Gomez and Morticia Adams in two films n 1990s. She faced an unexpected incident in Los Angeles, which she can’t forget.

“Raul had a funny thing happen to him,” she told U.S. chat show The Talk. “He was sitting in a bar late one night with, I believe the musician Robert Palmer, after work. He rubbed his eye (above the eyebrow) and his eyeball fell out. I’m telling you. I think he had a thyroid condition or something. His actual eyeball.”

Anjelica said that Raul was very brave and after facing a horrific incident attended shooting on the next day.