It is believed that when an actor starts using words like “project” and “passion”, then it means he is ready ‘To run for the hills’.

From the famous movies like Madonna’s W.E., John Travolta’s Battlefield Earth and ZacEfron’s Bomb, it is proved that the movies which actors desperately want to make in their careers are the movies which public desperately want to see.

The famous Hollywood star Angelina Jolie was paid enough capital by someone to make a film of her own choice. Angelina wanted to make such a film for the last eight years. This is the movie which Angelina really wanted to make. She was so excited about it that she directed the movie herself. Also wrote the story and cast her husband Bradd Pitt in the leading role with her presence as  a Bradd’s lady in the film.

During holidays in France in 70’s, there is a married couple Roland and Vanessa who was staying at an isolated hotel. They appeared to be really unhappy living with each other. Roland was an abandoned writer who mostly spent his time in drinking, by the seaside while his wife spent her time walking along cliff-tops and kept wondering whether she should jump from it or not.