Model Amber Rose was inquired about Kanye West, about her ex-boyfriend in an interview, but she refused to reply because she did not wanted to discuss him. The 32-year-old star dated the hip-hop artist before he got together with his wife Kim Kardashian, and they have been happily married throughout these years. Amber seems to have tired of that now though, as during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday October 15, 2015. She clearly refused to get caught in the wild fight.

Amber has been fighting with rapper Tyga, too, who also has a child with her good friend Blac Chyna. He’s now dating the 18-year-old Kylie Jenner and Amber is quite open about their romance and her disliking towards it, especially about the age gap. When she was asked to say something nice about him, she hesitated and ended up commenting on a hat which he was wearing in a photograph.