Famous Hollywood actress Amanda Seyfried sometime gets worried about lacking something in her personality which leads her to become an epidemic.

Amanda is 29 years old, she started her career from famous movie  “Les Misérables” . She got famous in Hollywood after the movie was released. After that she also worked in several movies like Mean Girls with Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams. She believed that 2004 flick is very much loved by teenage girls and also by women, and she said that ladies can get a vital message from it.

“You are enough,” she told America’s In-style magazine. She believed that feeling of absence of anything in your personality makes you epidemic. This is the reason why many of the people around us are not good in their relationships with friends and family. She said that we shouldn’t be looking towards other people to give us comfort, but we should extract it from ourselves.

She also added that she loves to do painting in her leisure time, as it is one of the most favorite hobbies of Amanda. She also believes that her hobby of painting also helps her in achieving the goals in the acting career.