The famous Hollywood celebrity Alison Brie has a quality that she is straight forward to her co-stars that she feels any chemistry between them or not.

The female star is working on a lead role with Jason Sudeki in a comedy film “Sleeping with other people”. The film is going to release all over UK in January 2016. Alison said that after meeting with Jason she knew that she would not face any problem working with him.

“I think you know immediately if you have chemistry with the person or you don’t, or if you’re working really hard to pretend like you do – which I’m not terrible at. But it was so easy with him,” she smiled to Total Film magazine.

The upcoming comedy film is directed by Leslye Headland. She doesn’t feel any shyness on exploring topics about sex in the film. Some actors feel uncomfortable working in such films, but Alison loves to work in an open atmosphere.

“It was not nerve-wracking at all,” she insisted. “Leslye and I are very similar in that we are so open and forthcoming. We’re both very open and frank. And we don’t have a filter.”
Before signing film “Sleeping with other people”, Alison played various famous roles like Trudy Campbell in film Mad Men.