Aliens Vs Predator: Deadliest Species


A tribute to my favorite movie monsters: Alien and Predator.

1979 – Alien
1986 – Aliens
1987 – Predator
1990 – Predator 2
1992 – Alien 3
1997 – Alien Resurrection
2004 – Alien vs. Predator
2007 – AVPR: Aliens vs Predator – Requiem
2010 – Predators

[not for profit. all copyrights remain courtesy of their respective owners in accordance with fair use.]

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Alien fan hell yeah

Whoa! That was awesome!! Subscribing now!

Go aliens like if u agree

Prometheus song?

Sven Cal Bayang

Yeah get into the chopper ... f**k you ... lol dat combination

Jake from state farm

This is who would win if aliens and preds went on a full out war (not including the Marines because all of you know they are the weakest race in the movies ) Aliens are more based off of stealth because of there slick black texture and how they can climb any surface , preds are more set on dominion dominion also referring to being more offense while aliens are extremely offense too but if 10 aliens went against 1 predator aliens would win if 10 preds vs 1 alien the alien could take out 1 or 2 of them counting that the aliens are just as smart as the pred.

that shitty audio

gigan X80 channel 2

but predator......YOUR AN UGLY MOTHER FUCKER!!!!