The famous British film-star Miss Shepherd setup a camp in her van outside Alan Bennett’s home for 15 years until her death in year 1989. Alan decided to make play on the base of that true story of him and Miss Shepherd. He selected Maggie for lead role in the play, while Alex Jennings is cast as himself in the play. With the collaboration of Alan, Nicholas Hytner is going to direct the film. Nicholas was not much convinced on casting Maggie for lead role in the film.

“She played it nine months on stage and never missed a show. Nobody does that anymore. The way she plays an audience is second to none. The audience were just delighted by her. All the things that made the real Miss Shepherd intolerable – her gracelessness, her lack of gratitude, her aggression, her lack of sense of humour – the audience just loved all that. The performance on film is quite different, because it’s self-enclosed. With the movie, you are allowing the camera access to something which you are doing as a consequence of being immersed completely in the character and situation, which is what she is doing in the film,” Nicholas told Deadline.

The lady was killed by a shot in the van near Alan’s neighborhood in Camden London. The residents who witnessed Miss Shepherd’s presence in that area in her last time enjoyed the shooting of the film. They were happy on memorizing and paying a tribute to the great star of 70s and 80s in such a fantastic way.