Adele controlled the sales of the tickets for her 2016s tour and managed to rescue about 36,000 tickets from the hands of the touts with the help of her official website. It was found with the help of an industrial analysis.

On Adele’s request, more than 500,000 of her fans followed her to get themselves registered on a website to get qualified to buy tickets for the upcoming concerts in the UK, next spring. She worked with a ticketing website “Songskick” and with the help of her management team they managed to recognize the accounts of the touts.

Jonathan Dickins is working as the manager of Adele’s management team. He said that about 18,000 accounts belonging to touts were blocked before the tickets were made available for sale in the UK.

According to the recent research people have to pay about  £181 for the tickets, and after Adele’s efforts, she saved total amount of £4.2m of her fans.