Little Hollywood star Abigail Breslin, who got famous from her appearance in “Miss Sunshine” is going to work in a TV show which is a remake of 1980’s classic movie Dirty Dancing. She is offered a lead role of an iconic Baby in the TV show.

According to the Hollywood reporters, the producers of ABC had given a clean chit to make a TV series of a three hours long classic film. The former child star is doing a lead role in the film.

The star is 19 years old now. She is currently working in a famous U.S TV show “Scream Queens”. She is offered a lead role in the remake of a 1987 film. Jennifer Grey portrayed her role in the original version. Abigail’s leading man role which was originally portrayed by Patrick Swayze isn’t offered to anyone yet.

Jessica Sharzer who got recently nominated for Emmy Award and did a role in the famous American Horror Story, has written the script of the film. Eleanor Bergstein is writing the screenplay of the film who was the producer of the original movie.

The music directors and Grammy nominee Adam Anders and Glee’s Peer Astrom of the film who also won the award for their hit music in the film, offered to give music for the TV show.

There are rumors about the show that it will be an all-live TV event like “The Wiz” which was on aired last week and last year’s Peter Pan show.