Aaron Sorkin started to work on making a film about the life of Steve Jobs suggesting a title One More Thing. However in the end after doing a lot of thinking he keeps it simple and title of the film was finalized after the Apple entrepreneur.

As you already know, Jobs was very famous for his dramatic character and actions, once at the termination of the Apple presentations he suddenly announced that “there is one more thing”. That’s the reason why Aaron was first suggesting this statement uttered by Jobs as his film title. “For a while I thought that would be the title of the movie,” he told CNET. He said that he was not able to shoot a film fulfilling the requirements of the title, so that’s why he decided to change the title of the movie.

After the failure of film in which Ashton Kutcher starred as Steve, it was made sure that it was a burden on the coming projects, so Aaron had to take this as a challenge and he realized what he needs to present to the audience. He knew exactly what he wanted to do and what he wanted to avoid so he remained focused on his work. He didn’t want to film a common boring story, he wanted to make a film which would make the audience fall in love with it.