Most of the people think that once they become adult or teenage they can’t wear braces in order to improve and enhance their look and smile. But, cosmetic dentistry has made this possible, Invisalign invisible braces are used for the adults to straighten their teeth without gaining someone’s attention

Celebrities who used Invisalign treatments are:

Khloe Kardashian

As a reality star, Khloe Kardashian is once in awhile a long way from the public view, which makes her self-enhancement extends all the more noteworthy. She wore braces to improve her smile at the age of 28.

Justin Bieber

He was a baby singer when he opted out for the Invisalign treatment for his teeth.

Katherine Heigl

She started wearing Invisalign braces in 2007 during the preparation of her wedding. By wearing these braces she kept the concentration on herself instead of her teeth.

Tom Cruise

He decided to wear a set of Invisalign braces and ceramic brackets to keep his famous smile metal free while improving his teeth

Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen told that she began wearing Invisalign as one of her teeth was moving and influenced her smile to look not as perfect and beautiful as in pictures. She used to wear Invisalign only at nights.

Zac Efron

There was a gap between the front teeth of Zac Efron, so he decided to fill that gap by wearing Invisalign braces to make his smile more brighter.

Eva Longoria

She started wearing Invisalign invisible braces at the age of 36 to straighten and improve her bottom teeth

Serena Williams

This talented tennis player ensured that her smile was as solid as she serves by wearing Invisalign braces as a youngster. After a long time, she has a straight and dazzling smile and keeps on stacking up the Grand Slam wins