Everyone would like to manage their time because they waste it every day. Now you do not have time for yourself, your girlfriend and a glass of wine with your friends. You work, study and have a lot of duties. However, the problem is not that there is not much time, but that you waste it in vain. What is time management? It is an effective way to put your tasks and desires into practice. There are some time management strategies that help you make the first step in achieving the set goals.

  • Don’t sleep too much.

If you wake up at noon, then it will be difficult for you to accept this point. Perhaps you consider sleep to be the most wonderful moment in your life, but it is recklessness to devote it 9-10 hours a day. In fact, it is not necessary to sleep even 8 hours. 6 hours per day are enough for most people to rejuvenate completely. You need to find the optimal number of hours that you will spend for sleep.

  • Start your activity in the morning.

In those days when people are free, they prefer to go to bed late at night and get up as late as possible. However, the effectiveness is greatly enhanced if, on the contrary, you start your day early in the morning. In practice, this means that you should go to bed as early as possible and get up early in the morning. For most people, the brain activity at these hours is the most impressive. The head is “fresh”, and thoughts are well transformed into actions.

  • Isolate yourself.

Look back at your life and see how many “useful things” take your time. Phone calls, emails, messages on social networks, TV and news sites become an addiction very quickly, and it is difficult to get rid of it. So, isolate yourself from electronic devices. Use them for work and necessary communication but not for viewing thoughtless videos or screening an endless flow of news. When you feel severe lack of communication, you can you some dating site but just a little bit. If you isolate yourself from the outside world, which is imposed on you by electronic gadgets, you will find soon that you have plenty of time for something extremely important and feel the benefits of time management.

  • Set the timer.

Time constraints are good for what you do. For example, you need to complete the project today, you put a timer for two hours and start working. Time frames help work more in a concentrated manner, regardless of the circumstances. However, in this style of work (using the timer), it is necessary to make small 10-minute breaks. You will see the importance of time management.

  • Plan in advance.

This is one of the most effective time management techniques. Try to plan your week in advance, setting realistic goals. How to do it? Write down everything you want to do in the next 7 days on Sunday. Set priorities, so that put the most difficult tasks earlier in the week, and put the simplest ones later. If you cannot plan for a week, then try to plan for the next two or three days, it’s better than nothing.

  • Quality is more important than quantity.

Do not try to be multitasking. Your goal is not to succeed in everything but to succeed at least in one thing. Talking about the long-term perspective, it is always more important to complete several major cases than to take on hundreds of cases and not finish anything. Quality has always been and will be more important than quantity, and those who do not understand this will not achieve anything worthwhile.


  • Go for a walk.

At first, glance, walks take away your precious time, they take away your productivity, but this is misleading. When you go for a walk, especially during breaks, then you restore your energy. Breathing fresh air allows to find new ideas and deal with some problems. When you walk and reflect on various topics, your mind relieves gradually the pressure that you have accumulated during work.