7 Things That Need To Happen In Wonder Woman Movie


7 Things That Need To Happen In Wonder Woman
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The Amazon Princess has been a staple of American culture for decades, yet has failed to make it to the big screen. While her appearance in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be a great first step, we are looking ahead to what DC’s resident warrior will need to bring in order to survive the onslaught of competition in her wake come 2017. So without further ado, here’s our list of 7 things we think need to happen in the Wonder Woman movie.

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I hope they release a video game in a similar style to God of War. They could call it Goddess of Truth

Oh ya'll are going to be sorely disappointed with the WW movie.

It's been known that a hero is defined by their villains. The most successful comic book hero of all time, DC or Marvel or Dark Horse or anything, is Batman. Not simply because of his own story but largely because of the trials and tribulations he has had to face. Superman's rogues gallery is not as extensive as Batman's and that un turn hurts Superman's stories and character. Wonder Woman has an even lesser number of rogues and her stories are largely forgettable. There is a reason why Wonder Woman best stories are as part of the Justice League, as part of an ensemble, as part of a team. At the rate of DCEU has been doing and how lackluster Suicide Squad did, I am a bit pessimistic on her movie.

Christopher Caridi

this is what they should have in the new wonder woman film

her spinning around

her wearing satin tights

the invisible jet

the diving suit

wonder girl (aka Diana's little sister drusilla)

All they need to do is come up with another Amazon who's gone crazy and shes just as strong as wonder women. hell I could write that in my sleep! Tell the writers to see me. hella villains in Comics books no one talks about. theres a female villain in justice legend that nearly kills all the super heroes.

Shirley Arias

I know the comics and I'll tell you this, the movie can't just say that she's an awesome hero which she is. They need to really show the esents of Diana Prince, a kind and loving woman who's heart is in it in every thing she does

richard arviso

The picture you use for hippolyta, is the marvel version of hippolyta not the D.C. version 🤔
Gal Gadot will be an amazing Wonder Woman

mendesana friv

cirque???? seriously???? lolol

and please femi-nazis, don't attach yourselves to WW thinking she is going to be your mascot because that would just ruin WW and people would leave in droves. WW isn't a bloody feminist, she's just a strong female character. Too much feminist crap these days is making its way into our living rooms.

hopefully be with the Flash