Bollywood celebrities don’t fail to make a mark in whatever they do in life, be it in the film industry or the show off industry. These 7 celebrity houses are the sort you have never seen before!



  • Shah Rukh Khan

Who else to top our list if not our heartthrob, Shah Rukh Khan.

The grandeur of SRK’s master bedroom via

A glimpse of his palace aka home! via

A vintage sitting based on classic art via twitter


King Khan knows well how to lead a royal life which is evident from his taste. This mansion, named as the Mannat, is based in Bandra, Mumbai. Declared as a heritage site, it is protected from any future demolition. (It was also used in the Indian movie, ‘Fan’.)


P.S Why would anyone demolish a house as beautiful as this?

One word description: Beautiful

Worth: US $2.5 million


2) Amitabh Bachchan

There can be no possible doubts on the beauty of his house because this man owns one of the most beautiful villas known to exist.

The magnificent mansion via

A sneak peek into Big B’s house! via

A walk down the memory lane! via


If anything, Amitabh Bachchan’s name says it all. This Godfather of Bollywood happens to own five colossal bungalows in Mumbai alone, including Jalsa where the entire family is settled. His generosity is unparalleled!


One word description: Mindblowing

Worth: 112 crores


3) Salman Khan


Our very own unmarried favorite, Salman Khan aka Sultan, is no behind in making his mark!

Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartments in Bandra, Mumbai via


One of the luxury rooms of Salman’s apartments via


Not far from SRK and Big B’s houses, is the Galaxy Apartments building owned by Salman Khan. Often seen on the veranda of the first floor, Salman Khan acquaints with his fans from his terrace. Word says that he has bought another house costing 32 crores and will be shifting soon! But these apartments, regardless of how they appear, are some of the most luxurious ones you’ll find in India. No wonder Salman Khan owns them!


One Word Description: Comfortable and Serene (I know these are two words!)

Worth: 16 crores

P.S He has made a smart mathematical move by moving from a 16-crore house to a 32-crore one.


4) Aamir Khan

The famous ‘PK’ actor, Aamir Khan is nowhere behind the other khans in terms of buying property.


The Freeda Apartments owned by Aamir Khan via


One Word Description: Interesting

Worth: NA


5) Akshay Kumar

One of the most natural and genuine actors, Akshay Kumar ranks 5th on our list. He owns a duplex flat in Prime Beach in Juhu but avoids the unnecessary limelight, like Aamir Khan. (Of course, after he’s done shooting)

Akshay Kumar’s House via


            The sea-facing flat in Juhu via

One of AK’s gorgeous houses via


One Word Description: Classy

Worth: NA


6) Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan

This beautiful couple is known to have one of the most beautiful houses as well. Here’s a look!

A heritage of Neemrana hotels now owned by Saif Ali Khan via


One Word Description: Royal

Worth: NA


7) John Abraham


Regardless of what you have seen above, this last house is super fantastic. John Abraham’s penthouse, our personal favorite, is what we saved for you at the end. Marvelously designed by his father and brother, this penthouse has it all. From engaging with nature to being technologically equipped, there’s nothing missing here. The open kitchen gives an Indian look with teak tree dining table and seating. However, modern kitchen appliances with air fryer, microwave, and wall-mount range hood make it a perfect western style kitchen as well.

The house facilitates you with views of the Arabian Sea along with one of the most beautiful and state of the art landscapes. The interior designing is superbly done; from sofas to beds, and just about every other thing, this house is perfectly furnished! Get ready to have the fun of your life by seeing it.


So let’s begin, shall we?

From toilets to the rooms, this house rocks! via


What a beautifully designed house! via


This was the best, wasn’t it?

One Word Description: STUNNING!  (if you don’t find this word shrieking at you, I don’t know what will!)

Worth: NA


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