Let’s look at a list of famous celebrities who could have easily been celebrity chefs! They love it, so much so that some of them have even published well acclaimed cookbooks! Where do they even get the time, am I right guys? So envious!

1. Gwyneth Paltrow


This is one healthy woman! She can cook, and cook really well. Most of her recipes are great for health and fitness! Her Goop blog tells her fans about making the most nutritious and delicious food while her cook books reveal really interesting recipes. Unlike Megan Trainor, this girl’s all about the nutrition!

2. David Beckham


It turns out the 40 year old British Soccer Player is a closet cook! His wife, Victoria the former spice girl singer – recently revealed that Beckham has always been the head-chef in the house! Garry Neville, another English Soccer Player and Beckham’s old friend says that David used to make all sorts of stir-fried meals when they used to be roommates.

3Scarlett Johansson


The sexiest woman on earth can cook too! Dear God, where was I when you were handing out all these qualities? The Black Widow from The Avengers says that cooking is her way to release stress. Johansson says that she loves to pick everything herself when cooking, from the groceries, to the finest knives, to the ingredients to the methodology. Control freak alert. But if you treat it like therapy, these things are important! Her method is to put on good music, have a sip of wine and make the most sophisticated of dishes. Her favorite’s Italian.

4. Amy Adams


The Enchanted princess and Lois Lane from Batman cooks really delicious meals! Or so we hear. She did play a very convincing role of a chef in Julia & Julia. Can we just assume that the movie is where she picked up the habit? Even she admits she didn’t know how to properly chop onions and tomatoes before that. Adams says she loves to cook for her friends and family, she says it’s her way of showing love for them. She had to have a cooking streak, after all she was born in Italy!

5. Tobey Maguire


Spider-man wanted to be a professional chef like his dad but his mother always wanted to be an actress and so made him take drama instead. Come to think of it, he hasn’t been great at any of the roles and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-man was better! Should have let him follow his heart Mom. Now look at him, he looks so sad!

6. Julia Roberts


She is an A-list actress, who has not acted in one bad film since she first starred in Pretty Woman! Not only does she also have a smile to die for, but excellent culinary skills in the kitchen too. She loves baking for her kids and the kids love her cooking too, they tell her to open a restaurant! When asked what her kids’ favorite dish was, she said it’s “everything made with love.” Isn’t that just adorable?

7. Matthew McConaughey



The Texan is really into the whole family cooking together. He says it’s the main activity that they do together. They hardly eat out and they take all the time they need to come up with the meal, always inventing new recipes and making new things. Wine is a must of course. Unlike the Beckham family though, he’s not the head chef. McConaughey says sometimes the wife (Camila Alves) takes the lead and sometimes he does.