With Hollywood Fame comes the scrutiny of the camera’s eye, nothing you do can ever be hidden from the limelight! Be it a simple gap between the front teeth that’s way too big, over bites or just a general lack of dental hygiene – – this post is a shout out to those popular faces, who are in dire need of help when it comes to their smiles!

1. Lindsay Lohan

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Her first claim to fame was as a child actress, when she played twin roles in The Parent Trap, but now she is more known for her numerous rehab and court visits. Also noticeable, is her tooth decay that too at only 30! I am not an expert but I am sure it has something to do with her overuse of drugs, cigarettes and just a general lack of self-care. Ms. Lohan, maybe it’s time for a dentist visit!

2. Cynthia Nixon

The 50 year old, part of the original Sex & the City cast needs a little help with her teeth problem. She has an overbite problem, which is just plain unattractive! She also has a gum problem, which needs reshaping, for her teeth to appear symmetrical and her gum to show less.

3. Kirsten Dunst


Although the actress jokes about them and calls her teeth “snaggle fangs” , humor is not going to put away her problem! She needs work done on her front teeth and the overbite to make her smile more beautifully.

4. Steve Buscemi


The American actor and director has debatably the worst teeth in the industry, sorry Steve but think of this as tough love! From the looks of it, he probably has a gum disease and overbite and a lack of symmetry – I think he might even need surgery!

5. Anna Paquin


The Oscar winning actress now stars in True Blood, a show about vampires – all the more reason to get help with her own fangs! That gap needs to be fixed, and is it me or has it worsened with age?

6. Woody Harrelson


This is one guy, whose bad teeth actually give him more character, plus not like he’s ever going to be cast lead in a rom-com. Still a little work on the smile would be nice! Maybe the four front teeth could do away with a little veneering and some reshaping of the gums.