Rapper 50 Cent was shocked to hear that his ex-girlfriend announced, in a recent TV show that he is gay.

His former partner, actress Vivica A. Fox is 40 years old.  She revealed in a recent interview at “Watch What Happens Live” TV show that 50 Cent hides his true sexuality. Andy Cohen the host of that TV show asked about 50 Cent’s career, on which she said that the ratings of Fox series had to suffer due to his “gay stuff”.

After a couple of days Vivica backtracked from her statement and said that actually he is not gay, but he had something about the guys which is not very clear to her. However, her statement about 50 Cent’s sexuality made a very bad impact on his fans. 50 Cent was surprised that why Vivicia is even giving statements on media about him, as he really did not date her since 2003.

When I heard that, I was like, ‘Whoa, wait a minute’,” he told The New York Daily News’ Confidential. He said that he was really surprised about her statement, but didn’t say a single word in response. As they were in a serious relationship in the past and he didn’t know why she is doing all this. 50 Cent believed that Vivica still might think about him and wants to be in a relationship with him once again.