Fitness, health and happiness are the most important pursuits in life! There are thousands of incredible people working day and night to bring about this positive change in an unhealthy world. We as a species need to think more about supporting each other and ourselves. We must learn to love ourselves and our bodies so we can keep better care of them, and then help others do the same –this is the most important message communicated through to us by all the health innovators and motivators of today.

Let’s take a look at them and their health secrets!

1.Gwyneth Paltrow  


The Oscar winning actress is really keen on keeping it healthy, she created Goop – the healthy-living blog and is an avid follower of the Tracy Anderson Workout Program. She has introduced a lot of healthy and natural detox cleanses and swears by her Hemp Protein supplement. Although her emphasis on colon cleansing and home remedies faced a lot of controversy in 2015 – she still serves as an inspiration to millions of her followers.

2. Michelle Obama


The First Lady of USA is an inspiration and hero all round the world. She has been the biggest advocate of healthy habits since Oprah Winfrey. She started a children-obesity fighting program by the name Let’s Move, winning the hearts of America and the rest of the world.  In 2015,  she invited us to watch through video,  one of  her personal training sessions, which was highly inspirational to say the least!

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger


Schwarzenegger left the film-industry for a few years to be the Governor of California, but now he’s back and making another Terminator movie! The guy has always had the best muscles in the industry and will always remain a legend in the bodybuilding world. At 69, he runs a fitness blog and a Twitter #AskArnold chat to give fitness tips and answers to questions regarding muscle-building. A year ago, he was on the cover of Muscle and Fitness (June 2015) with the most incredibly shaped up body! which he trained to get for his latest film. Oh he’s back alright!

4. Oprah Winfrey


O has built an enormous community, on Twitter, where she shares her lifelong message of fitness and health to have a happier life. Winfrey, teamed up with the Weight Watchers program recently to launch a campaign, which will promote a healthier lifestyle, all around than a mere focus on the calorie intake, it promises to go Beyond the Scale just like its name.

5. The Rock a.k.a Dwayne Johnson


 The Rock has starred in various blockbuster movies and has always remained in the spotlight of the fitness and entertainment industry. From his professional wrestling days to being named Man of the Century by Muscle and Fitness magazine in 2015 – his die hard fans (who are nearly a 100 million!) on social media sites love his tips for fitness and health. His influence has definitely helped promote a healthier lifestyle.