Hugh Laurie the famous star of TV series House M.D always enjoys laughing at his roles.
The British actor became famous after working as Dr. Gregory in the TV series House M.D. The famous series contains eight seasons, and its final season was completed in 2012. Hugh really loved his character in the show, and enjoys watching its humor on the TV.


“I am glad that I can laugh loudly and often at myself,” he grinned to Germany’s TV Direkt magazine. He also said that he really hates watching himself in shows and films. He said that he only loves to watch his TV show in which he worked 10 years ago. It was the only show, which still makes him shudder.

He often misses his colleagues of that TV show. He also misses that funny role which he played in the series. He said that “House” will never leave him. He said that he usually remembers his funny dialogues of the show and they make him laugh even in a very serious mood.  Generally, Hugh is a very happy person. He always remembered his days spent on the sets of HOUSE.

Trailer of HOUSE M.D