Here’s a list of the oddest celebrities making the weirdest of pet choices, just because they can!

1.Michael Jackson’s Chimpanzee 

MJThe King  “adopted” a baby Chimpanzee and named him Bubbles! Who slept in the same room as MJ and even used the same toilet!

2. David Beckham’s Micro Pigs


The star soccer player got these as the cutest gift from his wife (the former spice girl Victoria Beckham). They are named after the couple’s family friends – Elton John and David Furnish, the micro pigs are about 14 inches tall and cost about 2,200 dollars!

 3. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Tortoiseleo

For 400 dollars DiCaprio bought himself a 38lbs companion who happened to be a Tortoise! It is expected to grow to about 200 lbs and live for over seventy years, that’s a long-term commitment man right there!

4. Steven Tyler’s Raccoonracoon

Aerosmith’s front-man says that Racoon’s get a bad reputation for no reason and that his pet Racoon’s pretty tame. They even go fishing together! Did you know domestic Racoon’s can be legally bought and are easily tamed to use the litter box?!

5.Kristen Stewart’s Wolf-Dog Hybrids  


The female lead from Twilight, who (spoiler alert!) becomes a vampire towards the later end of the novel, owns the closest thing to a werewolf! She has pet wolf-dog hybrids but promises that they are really sweet – – I’ll just keep my distance and take your word for it Bella!

6. Reese Witherspoon’s Miniature Donkeys


The actress picked the two donkeys up when she was visiting an old friend’s farm; naming them Honkey and Tonkey! She also owns dogs, pigs and goats. Guess you can take the girl out of the Country but not the Country out of the girl!

7. Marilyn Manson’s Tarantula


The Singer is known for his eccentricities and well, crazy life choices. One of those many choices was to get a Green Bottle Blue Tarantula! Its “normal” diet includes, crickets, grasshoppers and little roaches. Although what affection he draws from it, I could never know!

8.Nicolas Cage’s King Cobras


Yes he owns a King Cobra and he calls her Sheba! He says that his Cobra hates him and tries to bite or hypnotize Cage with her rhythmic movements, whenever he tries to feed her. Now that’s a scary pet!

9. Charlie Sheen’s Chinese Water Dragon13496107275_f1ee25bca3_z

The notorious actor is no stranger to weird behavior, one might even say he adds to the meaning! Sheen used to own a water dragon he called Hopper Jr.  but the animal died due to the lack of care from its unreliable owner.

10. Audrey Hepburn’s Deer


Ms. Hepburn adopted a pet just as graceful as herself in 1959, when she was filming for Green Mansion. The deer was named Pippin and it followed her everywhere she went.